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Western Bowie Knife

The westernbowie is a perfect example of a bowie knife that's features include a black hardcoated steel blade and a yellow hardcoated steel sheath. This knife is perfect for law enforcement or for cutting through flesh and skin. The black hardcoated steel blade is answer to any challenges while cutting, the yellow hardcoated steel sheath is perfect for carrying the westernbowie knife on the job.

Westworld Bowie Knife

The westworld movie was so amazing and I loved the eastwestbowie knife. I know that I really need one of these knives for my home so that I can sharp it constantly. Thank you for finding this out there way and for being so helpful.

Coleman Western Bowie Knife

This is a coleman western bowie knife with sheath never used or sharpened. It is a dane gray knife with a black grip and a black handle. The bowie knife has a black handle and black knife sheath with a red coleman logo. The knife is vz. And has a coleman logo on the side of the knife. The knife is in great condition. It has a washington state in the name of coleman with a black blade and black grip. The blade is black with a red coleman logo. The knife is full-tang, full-tang open-ended blade with a sheath made of cloth. This knife is a perfect addition to your coleman gun belt or family knife portfolio. the bowie knife was developed in the western united states in the 1940s by doc emmettlee, who also developed the first bowie knife autoloading rifle. The bowie knife was used first in the world war ii military, and then became a popular knife for hunters and law enforcement agencies around the world. The bowie knife is still used by some law enforcement agencies today. the timber rattler western outlaw bowie knife sheath is made of hardwood with a 16 12 hardwood handle. It features a large hardwood handle that is perfect for carrying your knife. The timber rattler western outlaw bowie knife sheath is also made of plastic and is available in black. It has a comfortable, stylish look and feels great in your hand. this western bowie knife is a vintage, territoriale, fightin's knife model w49 with a leather sheath. This knife is used for hand to hand combat and is made in the usa. It has asheath with a brown leather sheath. This bowie knife is made in the usa and is in great condition. This is a great addition to your western sword or knife set.