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Damascus Steel Bowie Knife

This damascus steel bowie knife is made with careful attention to detail in the manufacturing process. It features a he-co-man-chu handle made from tough, heavy-dutyus 100% softwood. The bowie knife is also made with a full tang, making it stable and easy to use.

Top 10 Damascus Steel Bowie Knife

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Cheap Damascus Steel Bowie Knife

This damascus steel bowie knife is perfect for the outdoor hunter. It is made from quality materials and is made to perform well. This bowie knife has a black anodized aluminum finish and ared steel blade. It features a sheath with a knowledge logo and a natural black tracer in the division. this damascus steel chef knife is perfect for the home cook or for those who are a little more careful with food. The blade is 12" long and the handcrafted from high quality damascus steel it has a blank blade for easy sharpening. The knife also has a blade that is about 1" longer that the regular blade and it is also a great for handling larger food items as it has a thick construction that will not shift or eventually break. this hand-made damascus steel bowie knife has a custom-made fence for a arm and hand. The bowie knife has a brown hardwood guard with a brass guard handle. The guard is made of brass and the handle is made of wood. The bowie knife is also made of plastic and have a brass guard handle and a brown hardwood guard. this is a custom made bowie knife made out of damascus steel. The knife has a blue wood handle and is64o4c4th4 the most performancerike bowie knife. It is designed to perform and look great.