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Jim Bowie Knife

This jim bowie knife with wood display case is the perfect way to show off your knife skills. It features a nice, smooth wood handle with a real military feel to it. The blade is in good condition and is tight and smooth. The knife also has a real, spongy hued leather sheath. This is a great piece for fitted binders, files, etc.

Big Bowie Knife

If you're looking for a big, burly, and expensive knife, then you'll want to check out the big bowie knife. Made from high-quality materials, the bowie knife is capable ofherryveiling great skills. Be sure to check out the big bowie knife, and be sure to find a knife that's right for you!

How Much Does A Bowie Knife Cost

This jim bowie knife is in great condition with no faults. It has a black blade made of stainless steel and a red sheath. The blade is about 5 inches long and the sheath has a red octagon handle. This bowie knife is great for protection and for hunting with. this is a beautiful bowie knife from 1992 that has been in service to jim bowie for over 1800 years. The blade is made of craftsmanship and has a thrust pattern, making it strong and durable. The leather sheath makes it easy to carry around, and it comes with a titanium blade guard. this jim bowie knife is a great survival knife for when you need to start killing people. It has a durable brass bolster and a sharp blade. This knife is also good for hunting, where a sharp knife is perfect for cutting game. It is stainless steel and has a black anodized aluminum handle. The blade is a full-tang, carbon- ferrous metal, and has a 3. 9% thickness. It is a 24-karat gold content knife and measures 3. 8 inches long by 2. 9 inches wide. The hued black and anodized aluminum blade is perfect for any outdoor activity.