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Alamo Bowie Knife

This beautiful, custom-made damascus steel alamo bowie knife with sheath is 18. 5" l x 12" w x 1/2" h and is built to provide dependable protection for both yourself and your loved ones. Features a sharp-edge on theflank and a bowieknife. Biz mattock handle.

Top 10 Alamo Bowie Knife

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Best Alamo Bowie Knife

The alamo bowie knife ltd. Edition is made of only the best materials and technologies, top quality alamo bowie knife products. Are designed to last and be of greater use to your needs. These today's alamo bowie knife products are built with a few simple steps bowieknife. Biz or in one of our stores. Edition is the perfect way to keep your knife needs narrowly limited. With a design that is both stylish and deadly, edition is the knife for you. Made in the usa of the highest quality materials, this alamo bowie knife is sure to please. this browning large bowie knife is a great addition to your firearms collection. The knife is made of 12 g10 bone handle with a mosaic pinknife sparing knife blade on the front, and is inspired by the alamo fight scene. The bowie is inspired by the altamont-rising star knife line from torq and is hand made in the usa. This knife is a great everyday knife or that last resort type knife. The knife isffer complete kit, which includes the knife, blade, kershaw sheath, and alamo knife blade. This knife is also a great choice for a price over $10. this mh-20 is a high quality, hand made, knife! It is a good knife for self-defense and important work. It is made out of spring steel, for added durability. The bowie blade is black anodized and the mag lanyard hole is also anodized. This knife is then destroyed with a single hand check. this is a custom hand made spring steel 5160 20 alamo bowie knife. We are proud to offer this high quality knife at a price you can afford to love it. The micarta handle is a great addition to this well made knife. This knife is perfect for a hunter, lawman or any one who wants a high quality knife at a affordable price.